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Stephanie Carrico, Teacher
Visual Arts, Photo, 2D 3D
Visual Arts Department Head
BFA in Photography
Start Year at Metro: 2012
Personal Information:
Stephanie Carrico earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a major emphasis in Photography in 1999. She began working as a fine art photographer immediately following collage. In 2004 she opened The Trunk Space, a fine art gallery and performance venue. Stephanie started substitute teaching at Metro in 2005 and began working as a full-time teacher in 2012. 
Stephanie enjoys providing a place for people to perform and showcase their visual art. She is a vegetarian who likes cooking and spending time outdoors, whether she's hiking, camping, or biking.
She became interested in photography in 1994. Her photography is mainly portrait work shot with a Nikon D40 or Nikon N90. Her work can be viewed here
Why Metro Arts?
I like that it's an art school. I think I would have enjoyed high school more if I had attended an art school. 
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