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Metro Arts Honors Program

Full Honors Policy is attached below.

Metro Arts offers Honors coursework in conjunction with all standard core and elective courses. The student who is enrolled in an Honors version of a course will attend the standard class and complete all regularly assigned course work. The student will also be given Honors coursework to complete outside of class.


A student who successfully completes the course will be given the Honors distinction on his or her transcript. That notation tells the colleges to which a student applies that the student is willing to challenge his or herself academically. Additionally, Honors students enjoy a significant advantage when it comes to competing for scholarships.


Honors courses emphasize critical and creative thinking and use primary texts. Metro Arts Honors courses are not the same as Advanced Placement courses. They do not offer college credits or align with national AP exams. Metro Arts Honors courses are enriched and offer the material in greater depth. Honors courses at Metro are designed to prepare students for the workload and standards of excellence they will encounter at the nation’s most competitive universities and colleges.


• Once enrolled in the class as an Honors student, the student must stay in the course for at least one semester and have a B or better at the end of the first semester in order to continue to second semester.


  • Honors classes at Metro are weighted higher than standard classes. They will raise student GPA up one letter grade higher than the grade received. Earning an A in an honors course is equal to a 5.0 in that course for the purposes of overall student GPA calculations.


  • Students transferring in from other schools who have been taking Honors courses and wish to take Honors their first semester at Metro, must notify the Director of Admissions no later than May 15th.  We do not presume that students wish to continue with Honors course work when they come to Metro.  Students must have had a B or better in their previous Honors course(s) to be eligible for Honors in their first semester and must complete the Honors summer assignment if they are enrolled in an Honors course(s).
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