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Learn about Metro Arts Here!

Learn more about Metro Arts in this video:

Here is a video that gives an overview of Metro with testimonials from current and former students as well as teachers. Take a  peak into a few classrooms and see what "school" looks like at Metro Arts.

Metro Arts Testimonial Video


Read more about Metro Arts in these articles from AZCentral:

Links to individual articles:
´╗┐Where Creativity Comes to Life- An article why the arts are such an important part of life at Metro Arts.
Best of Both Worlds- How the arts and academics come together to create a unique learning environment.
A Culture of Inclusion - Embracing differences builds acceptance and tolerance at Metro Arts.
Igniting Creativity  - Blending the arts with traditional learning offers a new educational algorithm.
The Big Picture - Learning in a real-world environment prepares students for personal and professional success.
Discovering their direction - A school for the arts emboldens students to seek their purpose in the world
Flying high with the aerial arts - Metro Arts and Scorpius Dance enjoy two decades of synergy and success
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