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Mission & Instructional Philosophy

The Metropolitan Arts Institute (Metro Arts) will prepare students for a career in the arts and instill a lifetime value for the creative process by focusing on interactive partnerships with community arts organizations and practicing professional artists. Metro Arts's students will be able to successfully pursue entry into institutions of higher learning. 


Metro Arts will help students set goals, master techniques, and develop skills and self-discipline. Metro Arts prepares students for college and instills a life-long love of the creative process. We focus on developing academic and artistic excellence along with the social-emotional maturity and authenticity of each student. Ultimately, success at Metro Arts is defined as the experience created through a productive, growing, and tolerant community. 

Metro Arts utilizes a curriculum and teaching process which encourages students to develop cognitive connections between academic subjects and the arts. This model recognizes unique student learning styles. The arts and the creative process assist in cognitive development and increase academic performance and social-emotional development. The success of this model is measured through multiple assessment activities such as portfolios, performances, projects and testing.
Metro Arts is committed to hiring only qualified instructors and professional artists.  All Metro Arts faculty must demonstrate the professional credentials and/or experience within their field of expertise which makes them highly qualified according to the federal standards of the No Child Left Behind Act.
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