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Admission Policies & Application Process

Admission Policies



Enrollment begins every school year in mid September on the date of our first Drop-In School Tour. Students are accepted on a first come first served basis with a date specific place determined by the day their application is complete. Siblings are given preference through November but must complete the entire application process.


Students with a D grade in any core academic course will be tested to determine proper placement as part of the enrollment process, unless the student has re-taken the course and received a grade of C or better.



Application Process


The following Steps Outline the Admission Application Process


Step 1: Download and then fill out the Application for Admission. Applications can be found at the following link, or can be picked up at the front desk during our hours of operation. CLICK HERE FOR APPLICATION. 


Step 2: Metro Arts offers tours for prospective students. Tour Dates  These tours are not required for admissions, however we recommend them as an excellent way to learn about the school and meet the Head of School. The tour can help you determine if the school is a good fit for your student. 


Step 3: Submit the Admission Application Form via email, by postal mail, at the front office after a tour, or on any other day that school is open. Our hours are 8:30-4:00. Please include the following records with your application. (Note these records are only for placement purposes and do not affect admissions):


• Transcript and/or report card from last and current year

• Standardized test scores for the last two years

• Most current Special Education & 504 Records/Plans. Note: Special Education & 504 Records requests are solely for purposes of ensuring continuity of services upon enrollment (which is required of schools by law) and will not be considered in making admission decisions.


Step 4: An email confirming your application is complete and detailing your successful admission will be sent to you. Note: If no space is available you will be asked if you would like to be placed on the wait list.


Step 5: Reply to the email accepting the admissions offer by the date indicated on the email or Metro will assume you have declined.


Step 6: Once you have accepted a spot in the school Metro will request records from your previous school and complete the enrollment process.


Step 7: Once the enrollment process is complete a registration packet will be sent by the Admissions Director with instructions for how to complete registration for classes.

Note: We will make three attempts to contact you. After three failed attempts with no return contact you will be removed from the enrolled and waiting to register list and your application placed at the end of the appropriate waitlist.


Step 8: After successful registration an orientation packet and schedule will be sent to your home. New students are expected to attend orientation with a parent or guardian in early June to review polices. New students who do not attend orientation (including siblings) will be removed from the enrolled list and their applications will become inactive. Payments for specific class costs and lab fees for new students are due by orientation day in mid June.


Step 9: Attend the first day of school. Students who do not attend the first day of school will be removed from the enrolled list.


Important Notes:


1. Metro Arts keeps a waiting list for each grade level until the first day of school. On the first day of school the waiting list is no longer active. Waitlisted students still interested in attending Metro Arts must reapply after the first tour in September for the following year and follow the same process outlined above. We do not save applications from previous years once the school year has begun.


2. Sibling Policy: Metro Arts does gives preference to siblings through the last business day in November. Metro Arts does not give preference to the children of board members or employees.