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What is an Independent Charter School?

Charter Schools
Charter Schools are a bold initiative in school reform established by Arizona legislation in 1994. Charter schools are designed to improve student achievement and offer educational choice in publicly funded schooling.

Charter schools are allowed to operate independently of some of the restrictions placed on traditional public schools. Schools that are approved by the Arizona State Charter Board sign a contract or charter with the Board enabling the school to receive public funds.

In exchange for increased freedom in operations and curriculum, charter schools have an increased level of accountability in student achievement.

Charter Schools are an increasing national trend. Over half of the States have passed charter legislation. Hundreds of charter schools have opened nationwide. Arizona currently has the strongest charter legislation with more than 500 charter schools in operation.

Independent Charter Schools
An independent charter school is one that is established and operated by a community-based organization. Specifically, an independent charter school is a charter school that is not affiliated with a Charter Management Organization (CMO) or Educational Management Organization (EMO).
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