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Welcome from the Head of School

Welcome to Metro Arts. What makes Metro special is our strong sense of school community and a culture of acceptance and tolerance. We thrive at Metro because the community members support each other and the vision of the school. 
At Metro our goal is to challenge and guide youth into becoming creative, thoughtful, compassionate and successful young adults. We are a college preparatory institution that balances the expectation of academic and artistic excellence with the ongoing discovery of each student’s authentic talents, goals, dreams and identity.
Daily life at Metro balances the needs of the individual with the needs of the community, as well as the need to express inner creative vision with the practical demands of the outer world. Metro is both inspired and grounded. We have found that this balance between inspiration and practicality, when combined with mastery of the creative process, leads to excellence and personally meaningful results.
At Metro we have students who go on to become pre-med students; others start their own companies, while some attend the most prestigious art colleges and universities in the country, such as Cooper Union in New York and Cal Arts in Los Angeles. There is tremendous variety in the paths that Metro students take, yet each student is supported in envisioning and crafting a plan for their post secondary education and life. 
The ultimate goal of Metro Arts is for students to gain the skills they need to design a path that leads to real professional and personal fulfillment. The daily mission of Metro is to foster the process of uncovering the promise, talents and ideals within each student, and helping to actualize these elements.
The underlying artistic endeavor that binds together all that we do at Metro is the art of shaping the self. This is the work of a lifetime and it requires that each member of our community, student or adult, have a willingness to engage in the creative process at the deepest levels. In the end, creativity means being open to all that we may someday become. With this as the true purpose of Metro Arts, every member of our community has the opportunity to grow into a full citizen of the world.
John Perovich
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