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Board Members

Current Board Members:
John Perovich, BA, MA, MFA, Head of School and Director of Admissions and Student Life, Metro Arts
James Robins BS, MBA, President, Spectrum Associates
Nicole Olson, BFA, Dance Teacher, Metro Arts
Cody Goulder, BA, MFA, Safety Director, Jessco Electric
Shelby Maticic, BS, MFA, Artistic Director/Co-Founder, Brelby Productions
Former Board Members:
Matthew T. Baker, BA, MA, MFA, Founder and Head of School, Metro Arts
Dennis Mudd, Vice President Wells Fargo
B. Blair Braden, PhD, ASU Assistant Professor, Behavioral Neuroscience
Kimber Lanning, Executive Director Local First Arizona
Kim French, Former VP of American Express
Chelsea Sage Gaberdiel, Legal Counsel & Director of Exceptional Student Services, BASIS
Lisa Starry, BFA, Director of Operations & Student Events, Metro Arts
Randi Kent, MA, RN, BFA, Community Member
Christy Dargus, BS, MNLM, Community Prevention Specialist, Crossroads Inc.
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