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Madison Howard, Teacher
Humanities 9th and 12th, Art History
Personal Information
Madison Howard earned her B.A. in English with concurrent certificates in Creative Writing and Literature from Northern Arizona University in Spring 2018. While in college, she did freelance writing for online magazines and journals. She interned for and edited several literary magazines, both local and international, including Waxwing and Tunnels. She also taught supplementary English courses for the University's writing program. Before she started her literary career at NAU, Madison attended Metro Arts from 2009-2014 and graduated valedictorian. While at Metro, Madison rigorously studied Music and Humanities. Now, she is teaching Humanities and Art History at her alma mater and is thrilled. When she is not teaching, you can find her with her guitar or curled up with her dogs and one of her many notebooks and a pen.
Why Metro?
I truly believe that life is about leaving things better than you found them. Going off to better myself academically for four years only made me come to believe more and more that my story is not finished at Metro yet. I am bringing back what I have learned and am so excited to be teaching with the lenses that Metro gave me so long ago. I understand the community of Metro and why that community matters. I am so happy to connect with students and teach them to learn what matters to them, giving them the tools to go and live a fulfilled life both in the Metro community and beyond it.
"These [students], now, were living as we'd been living then, they were growing up with a rush and their heads bumped abruptly against the ceiling of their actual possibilities."-James Baldwin
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