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Madison Howard
Director of Admissions

Personal Information


Before beginning her collegiate career at NAU in the Fall of 2014, Madison Howard attended Metro Arts from 7th-12th grade and graduated valedictorian. Madison earned her B.A. in English with concurrent certificates in Creative Writing and Literature from Northern Arizona University in Spring 2018. During her time at NAU, she taught supplementary English courses for the University's writing program. In Fall of 2018, she decided that Metro was still an important part of her story and came back to teach, which led to becoming the Humanities department head. In Spring 2023, Madison graduated from Albertus Magnus College with her MFA in Creative Writing with an emphasis in Poetry. At the same time, she knew it was time to serve Metro in a larger way, and happily accepted the position of Director of Admissions. She aims to welcome students and families into Metro the same way she was so graciously accepted in 2009.


Why Metro?


I truly believe that life is about leaving things better than you found them. Many moons ago, I promised myself that I would always strive to live up to the potential that Metro made me believe in within myself, and I think much of that potential can be poured back into Metro itself. I understand the community of Metro and why that community matters to teens and parents that need a safe, artistic outlet that also provides rigor and a chance to grow. I am so happy to connect with students and give them the opportunity to learn what matters to them, giving them the tools to go and live a fulfilled life both in the Metro community and beyond it.

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