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Courtney Page-Bottorff
Algebra 1 & 2, Precalculus, Physics, Academic Remediation

Mathematics Department Head
Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
Barrett, The Honors College
Arizona State University

Start year at Metro: 2017

Courtney Page is an extreme mathematics enthusiast and believes that math is the key to describing all things beautiful. She attended Arizona State University and obtained her Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and graduated with honors from Barrett, The Honors College. She is currently seeking her Master’s in Mathematics and her Master’s in Education from Arizona State University. Her undergraduate coursework includes research and completion of a thesis in Numerical Analysis and Differential Geometry with the National Science Foundation and the Chebfun Team at Oxford University.

Along with mathematics, Courtney absolutely loves teaching. She has an extreme passion for sharing math with others and getting them excited about it (as much as she possibly can, of course). She believes that everyone can understand math in their own unique way, and she loves to teach it in the way that makes the most sense to them.

Whenever Courtney is not learning or teaching more math, she enjoys collecting Disney art, watching classic Disney films, DJing, playing piano, singing, drawing, playing video games, and spending time with her friends and family.

Why Metro Arts?

Throughout my life I have found a particular interest in helping others become successful, especially in mathematics. My passion and excitement for encouraging success in academics has driven me toward working with students in a mentorship role. I have a particular love for Metro Arts, however, because of my love and appreciation for the arts alongside mathematics. Throughout my studies in mathematics, I have been able to see just how beautiful math really is. I feel that I can create art with math, making me an artist with math as my medium. I also believe that my background in music and art has enhanced my ability to think openly and critically, which in turn has allowed me to excel in the STEM field. I feel that the arts and mathematics work beautifully together, and I love to teach mathematics with this belief in mind.
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