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Mel is a native speaker of Spanish who graduated with a degree in Culture and Politics from Georgetown University. As an undergraduate student, Mel was an active member of the travel Model United Nations team and the Student Worker Solidarity Committee. Their class load was primarily focused on mastering Portuguese and French, the fundamentals of economics, and the history of Latin America. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree, Mel went on to study ontology with Ideal Coaching Global, where they earned their International Coaching Federation credentials as an ontological life coach. With these studies, Mel has worked with teenagers as an after-school program coordinator and has completed over 150 hours of life coaching.

Mel chose to join the Metro Arts community as the foreign language instructor because they are obsessed with teaching people the power of language, and keeping cultural and linguistic diversity thriving as much as possible. They are also passionate about uplifting young people to follow their dreams, especially when it comes to the fine arts and public service. In their free time, Mel enjoys composing music, painting, mountain biking, craft making, writing, dog walking, and studying various subjects in humanities. Mel is a published author and is working on completing their first fiction novel. They are happy and proud to join the Metro Arts community and dignify future careers in the arts, specifically helping students break through any barriers to learning a new language. 

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