Metro Arts resident theater company Now & Then's upcoming production

After a week of development, plays receive a rehearsed, public performance. Depending on our process, this performance may be a concert reading, a staged reading (a staged performance with script in hand), or a combination of both. A discussion with the playwrights, cast, and creative team will follow the performance.

This play contains mature content. Tickets are $10 and may be purchased online or at the door:


What will you do with that moment? The moment when you begin to feel completely irrelevant? George and Juna meet in the waiting room of their therapist's office and decide to take their middle age (and their mental/emotional health) into their own hands.


Angelica Howland as George
Michelle Gardner as Juna
Evan Welsh as the Boy

Director - William Partlan
Dramaturg - Michael McGoldrick

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Now & Then Creative Company focuses on the "now" - new play development and film production, while also producing the "then" - classic pieces that speak to the present. The company - in residence at Metropolitan Arts Institute - creates high quality, thoughtful, and affordable productions that value artistic risks.
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