Broadway World News announces John Perovich's "Now and Then Creative Company" production of MEDEA

Now & Then Creative Company to Launch with Modern Interpretation of MEDEA

Now & Then Creative Company to Launch with Modern Interpretation of MEDEA

Now & Then Creative Company, a new, non-profit theatre and film organization is kicking off its inaugural season with a contemporary interpretation of the Greek tragedy, "Medea." The play will run from November 10-19 at Metropolitan Arts Institute.

Written by Euripides in 431 B.C., "Medea" is one of the most popular and gripping classics for modern audiences. Originally set in ancient Greece sometime after Jason's famous journey with the Argonauts, Now & Then provides an updated concept and point of view for the production.

John Perovich and Allison Bauer founded Now & Then Creative Company in February 2017. Under the leadership of Artistic Director Perovich and Associate Artistic Director Cody Goulder, Now & Then focuses on the "now" - new play development and film production, while also producing the "then" - classic pieces that speak to the present. In residence at Metropolitan Arts Institute, the company creates high quality, thoughtful, and affordable productions that value artistic risks.

The original story of "Medea" is about a young woman of royal blood, who fled her kingdom to be with her lover Jason (the famed hero of the Golden Fleece). No longer interested in his wife or their two sons, Jason ignores his family to pursue a new marriage for political gain. Threatened by Jason, his new bride, and her father, Medea fights to protect herself and her children from exile.

In Now & Then's premier production, they present an updated concept and point of view for "Medea." Director Gerald Thomson has set the play in the mid-90s outside of Martha's Vineyard. The storyline focuses on Medea, a distraught, dishonored, American political-class mother at odds with her unfaithful husband and those surrounding him. Focused on self-preservation, Medea attempts to leverage her place in society to protect herself and her children from judgment. Accompanied by a female chorus of working professionals, the production consistently juxtaposes Medea - a wealthy woman who feels like she has no options - with level headed, firm voices of reason. Thomson's production challenges the audience to question free will and the supposed inevitability of Medea's path.

"Medea" features performances by Vickie Hall (Medea), George Gonzalez (Jason), Debra Lyman (Nurse), Robert Altizer (Creon/Messenger), Larissa Brewington (Tutor/Aegeus), Niesha Esene (Chorus), Jennifer Gantwerker (Chorus), and Alexandra Utpadel (Chorus).

"Medea" is presented November 10-11 and November 17-18 at 7:30 p.m. and November 12 and 19 at 2 p.m. The play is intimately staged as theatre-in-the-round at Metropolitan Arts Institute: 1700 N 7th Avenue, Phoenix, Ariz., 85007. Tickets are $20 and can be purchased by visiting

Since it was founded in February 2017, Now & Then has produced two play development workshops for local writers Ilana Lydia ("Cotton Muses") and Brian Maticic ("Depend on Me"). Maticic's play premiered at Brelby Theatre Company in October 2017. Now & Then also co-produced "falling," a short film written by Perovich and directed by Fernando Perez, with Media Sheep Productions. The film is currently being submitted to several festivals, particularly in the Los Angeles area.

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