Metro Arts Class of 2017 Mural


This Spring the Metropolitan Arts Institute class of 2017 decided to create a mural that would be a work of art for Metro’s permanent collection. It would be hung in the Visual Arts wing of the school so future generations could see the possibilities of what can be achieved when a group of dedicated students come together.


Metro Arts painting teacher Sonia Payan stated “I believe the seniors wanted to create a piece that was very much up to the viewers interpretation. But I do think the idea of connection, transcendence, and dream world(s) play into it. Student's also aimed to combine organic forms and geometric shapes in a unified space.” Visual Arts teacher Seth Kasselman also assisted in leading the group.


The mural group first began by discussing potential ideas when they returned from Spring break. Once a final idea was chosen, the students began sketching out a plan for the mural. Shortly after, students started the process of painting the 16’ x 4’ panel. They worked throughout the final quarter of the year, staying after school and even working over the summer.  The mural was finally finished and installed the day before the new school year began.


Contributors to the mural included:

Sonia Payan (teacher)

Seth Kasselman (teacher)

Brandon Edelson

J. Peters

Sirena Contreras

Lucas Roberts

Monique Sarzoza

Daniel Galarza

Hayden Dijkstra

Mira St-Hilaire

Mariah Shuland

Kayleigh Cohee (Jr)


The following images show the process and final result of the class of 2017 senior mural.

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