Metro Arts Theater & Film teacher interviewed by about his theater background and starting a new production company at Metro Arts.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

I understand you'll be in residence at the school where you're a teaching artist - the Metropolitan Arts Institute. How will that work, logistically? Will your students have apprenticeship opportunities?

My goal is for Metro students to have as many opportunities as possible to work with Now & Then Creative Company. As we finalize our season, we're sensitive to potential roles students can audition for and creative team opportunities students can shadow with to grow as artists. We're hoping to nurture a professional and educational environment. So, yes, there will be apprenticeship opportunities for students--they will not be required to participate, but I trust we'll have many who will want to work with us. Additionally, I've begun working with local filmmakers to get Metro students involved in acting and production roles. We're hoping to produce our first film short this month!

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BWW Interview: John Perovich of Now and Then Creative Company

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