Photo teacher Stephanie Carrico's "The Trunk Space" , a non-profit music and performance venue re-opens in great new location

YabYum: So, can you tell us a little bit about the new space in terms of what they can expect? I know you were looking at different locations. What drew you to this spot?

Steph Carrico: The new space is wider then the old space and not as deep. The performance area is slightly smaller then the old space, but we have access to Hope Hall a couple times a month and Hope Hall has on occupancy of 375 people, so if we have larger shows we can accommodate them there.

The old Trunk Space was aprox. 1100 sq ft, the new space is aprox. 1,600 sq ft. We will have a greenroom, 2 bathrooms and a couple extra rooms that we will be using as either artist studios or office space for an arts related non-profit. We are not yet sure. There will be 3 rooms total available for people to use for workshops or classes, which I am pretty excited about. We just want to be able to offer as much as possible to the creative community.

The space is really fantastic. I love that it is so close to Roosevelt Row, there is a lot of parking as well as access to a lot of street parking, the library is walking distance so people could park there as well and walk over. It is near light rail. The Gothic architecture is beautiful. The courtyard with grass is a great place for people to hang out. It’s bigger then the old Trunk Space by about a 1/3. Plus having access to do shows in the courtyard and Hope Hall really expands what we can do.

One of my favorite things about the new space is the courtyard. It seems like the place to hang out and talk about new bands (between sets) has been upgraded from a sketchy parking lot on Grand to fancy new digs. What’s your favorite thing about the new space? There’s been a lot of talk of this water fountain…

It is really hard to pick a favorite! There are a bunch of things I really love about the new space. I love the colors! Our friend Corey showed up with a bunch of miss matched paint that he donated to us, Seth [Kasselman] did a fantastic job mixing paint to make some really wonderful colors. I also love the drinking fountain! For years I thought it would be great if Trunk Space had a drinking fountain, and now we do. I love how the space feels like a mini legit venue. It’s a lot wider so more people will be able to be up front. The stage is bigger too. The courtyard is really beautiful, so far people really seem to enjoy sitting in the grass and in the breezeway between sets.

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