Free Energy Performs for Metro Arts Students

Click the link at the bottom to view the concert! Filmed by Stephanie Lucas, Edited by Wesley Branch + Sierra Vaught

The band Free Energy performed for Metro Arts students after school Wednesday while in Phoenix for their tour this month.

The rock band, which consists of Paul Sprangers, Sheridan Fox, Nicholas Shuminsky, Evan Wells, and Scott Wells, certainly lives up to its name. They describe their music as rock ‘n roll with pop influences, complete with upbeat, clapping rhythms and a tambourine. 

The Metro Arts theater was filled with energized students dancing to the head-banging, fist-pumping indie rock/power pop music.

Free Energy performed on the Late Show with David Letterman, was named one of the best new bands of 2010 by Rolling Stone, and opened for Weezer’s Memories tour. The band generally performs for the 21+ crowd, but welcomed the opportunity to play for an all-ages audience. 

“We like meeting new people,” said Fox, the band’s rhythm guitarist. “It was an awesome opportunity to do something different.” 

“We got amazing energy from the kids,” said Sprangers, who provides clear, melodic vocals for the group. “Best show of the tour by far.”   

Free Energy is originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The band members have been playing together for four years, but they’ve all been performing in various bands since high school. None of them attended an arts school, but they said they would have if the option had been available to them. 

“It’s awesome that the opportunity exists,” said Fox.

The rock band is a week into their tour, which began in San Francisco and will continue in a U-shape across the country. The group is performing in Las Vegas tonight and will complete the tour by the end of the month. The members stayed behind after their set to sign autographs, take pictures with students, and answer any questions they had about what it was like to be in a band.

Free Energy was asked why their lyrics were overwhelmingly optimistic.

“They’re to remind yourself that things will be okay and life is good,” Sprangers explained.

They were also asked about their favorite part of touring. “Our favorite part is this,” said Fox, motioning to the enthusiastic crowd. “We do this because we want to share songs with people.” 

Their least favorite part? “Waking up.” 

“That was your rock ‘n roll tutorial for the day,” Sprangers told the crowd at the end of the show. “Now you guys go out and do it.”   

Twitter: @FreeEnergy
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