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School Security Update:

We are currently upgrading our security systems at Metro Arts. We are installing new locks in all classrooms, new camera intercoms at building entrances and security camera viewing from all campus computers.

This summer, we will install a fence on 7th Avenue and add a second secure exterior entrance.

The Administration Team will attend a two-day workshop this month for updating our emergency plan.

New/Updated Sign-Out Policy Effective 01/14/13

Parents/Guardians must come to the office to sign students out.

Metro can no longer send students outside to be picked up.

Students will be called from class once the parent/guardian has come to the office to sign the student out.  We cannot accept phone calls that parents or family members are on their way to pick up. You need to physically come into the office before we will get your student.

If someone is coming to pick up a Metro Arts student who is NOT a parent or family member, he/she must show ID and we must have prior permission from the parent/guardian by emergency contact form, email, note or phone.
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