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Dear Metro Arts Parents, Guardians, and Students:
We hope this message finds you, your family and friends safe and well. We are committed to helping our Metro Arts students complete their 2019-20 coursework and will begin working online through Google Classroom on Wednesday, March 25th.
All courses will be asynchronous and paced. This means that students can do work in their own time (asynchronous), but will have set due dates for all assignments (paced) and may have scheduled group on-line forums and meetings. 
Each teacher will have an assignment due once a week. Teachers will be available by appointment via email, Zoom, Google Chat, or Google Meet, 12PM to 2PM, Monday through Thursday. If a student is struggling with course work, teachers will communicate with parents as soon as possible.
While the uncertainty of this time is unfortunate, this is also a unique opportunity for our students to learn new skills that are essential for success in college and the workplace. We are here to support each other during this transition, so don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.
Kind regards, 
Matt Baker
Head of School
We have created secure email addresses for each Metro student. Email accounts are now available. Students can log in to their account here: Google Accounts
Each student will need an email and password to log in.
Email - All student email addresses are a combination of their first name, followed by a period, the first letter of their last name, then ending in
For instance, Jane Smith would be
If a student has a preferred first name in our system, we used that preferred name.
Finally, if a student has more than one last name, the first letter of the first last name should be used. For instance, Jane Smith-Daniels would be
Password - When logging in for the first time, the password for all users is: metroarts. Students will be asked to create a new password after logging in.
Tutorial Video - Students and parents/guardians should watch this tutorial video on Google for education. It comes from another school and is an excellent introduction: Tutorial Video
Troubleshooting - Anyone seeking assistance on logging into their account should email faculty member John Perovich at
Please provide Mr. Perovich with the student’s first and last names and he will be in touch as soon as possible (within 24 hours). 
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