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It is time to complete your FAFSA application!

Hello Parents of Seniors!

Start your Fall 🍁off right and complete the FAFSA on Wednesday, October 2nd with your student!!!

It is really important for EVERYONE to complete the FAFSA. It is an assignment for Humanities class.

Do it even if you think your student won't qualify.

Do it even if your student is going to community college - there is financial aid for community college!

Do it even if your student is going to a vocational program - culinary school, etc. - they might have federal funding!

Do it even if your student is not applying to college/university - you never know!!!

There is limited funding, so do it on Wednesday!!!!

Here is the link to the FAFSA page with all of the information you need:

teacher salaries
ASBCS Performance Dashboard
Arizona Parental Rights Handbook