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Mara Blakslee was awarded ASU Alumni Association Medallion Scholarship and selected to participate in the Leadership Scholarship Program.

The Medallion Scholarship Program is the ASU Alumni Association’s signature scholarship initiative. The Medallion Scholarship Program is more than a financial award, it is a comprehensive program that recognizes and develops a proud tradition of leadership, scholarship, and service. The Alumni Association's Medallion Scholarship Program Selection Committee is comprised of ASU alumni from around the world, and selects 35 Medallion Scholars for each year’s entering freshman class.
The Leadership Scholarship Program (LSP) began at Arizona State University in 1977 under the direction and leadership of Dr. Christine K. Wilkinson, Senior Vice President and Secretary of ASU. Each year, 25 exceptional student leaders are chosen to participate in LSP, a four-year program that offers these students the opportunity to learn and grow as leaders while giving back to the greater community. Students also receive a four-year scholarship. These future leaders enroll in leadership classes; have access to mentors; join and assume leadership roles in student organizations at the university; participate in annual service projects and learn more about civic responsibility; and make long-lasting connections with peers, faculty members, staff and LSP alumni. When they graduate, students are better prepared to become leaders in the workforce, their community and the nation.
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