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Physical Express (Period 2)

Course Description

This is a course for students interested in Physical Fitness and Nutrition.
Studies emphasize Low & High Impact Aerobics,Yoga, Pilates Base and Health Nutrition.
Learn an integrated approach to Yoga for positive health;
Yoga postures, Stretching exercises, Deep breathing technique
Simple meditation technique
Learn to focus special attention to form, functional strength and flexibility
Learn a series of non-impact, controlled movements which promote muscular strength and balance by focusing on the body's core of the abdominals and back
Understand and use the Pilates fundamentals, principles and mat exercises
Have the ability to see and correct body imbalances due to improper muscle recruitment and compensation patterns
Understand how basic neuromuscular functions work within the system
Learn to emphasize on physical fitness through aerobic dance and exercise
Identify working heart rate range, and feel comfortable monitoring own heart rate
Understand the components of an aerobic exercise class (warm-up, cardiovascular activity section, and cool-down)
Perform the choreographed aerobic routines with undue stress
List the positive effects of aerobic dance exercise
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