Next prospective student tour for the 2017-18 school year will be on May 3rd at 3pm. The 7th,  9th and 10th grades are still open, all other grades have spots available on waitlist.  Metro Arts is an "A" rated school!   

Metropolitan Arts Institute

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Thank you to the Japanese Friendship Garden of Phoenix for allowing us to use their beautiful location for a photo shoot. We took pictures of Metro Arts dancers for the Spring dance concert.


Hooray for the Battaglini's! We are so thrilled to have a new banner on the south end of the building. Richard and Karen Battaglini contributed the new banner as well as the installation, which requires a crane! The new sign looks terrific and has a UV protective coating that will help to keep it looking great for a long time.


Metro Arts Theater Department would like to give a huge thank you to Betsy and Larry Clifton (Jamie Clifton '13) for their generous donation. They recently contributed $500 towards production expenses for this year's upcoming fall production, The Tempest.


Thanks to Fresh & Easy for a successful fundraiser.  Metro Performing Arts Department raised over $800 by collecting receipts from Fresh & Easy.


Thanks to Nathan Blackwell, producer of "Voyage Trekkers"

The Film Department would like to extend a special thank you to local filmmaker Nathan Blackwell for his in-kind donation to the department for books and media.

Visit Voyage Trekkers (and enjoy the show) at