Next prospective student tours for the 2017-18 school year will be on May 10, 17 and June 7 at 3pm. The 7th and 9th grades are still open, all other grades have spots available on waitlist.  Metro Arts is an "A" rated school!   

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Graduation Requirements


Graduation Requirements


Metro Arts offers two graduation paths. Students can pursue a General Diploma that fulfills the basic requirements of the State of Arizona. Or they can pursue a College Preparatory diploma that meets the entrance requirements for Arizona Tri-University system admission. 



General Diploma

8 credits in Humanities

4 credits in Math 

3 credits in Science

7 credits in Electives


College Preparatory Diploma

8 credits in Humanities

4 credits in Math

3 credits in Lab Sciences

2 credits in a foreign language

2 credits in Fine Arts

3 credits in electives


AIMS Requirements 

The AIMS test is no longer required for graduation.