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Matt Baker
Head of School, Teacher
BA in International Relations, Creative Writing Minor
MFA in Creative Writing
MA in Counseling and Psychology, Transpersonal Psychology Minor
Start Year at Metro: 1998, Founder
Head of the Creative Writing Club
Head of the Creative Engineering Club
Head of the Roleplaying Club
Personal Information:
Matt Baker was raised in Concord, MA and then traveled to Carlisle, PA for college where he received his BA, Cum Laude, in International Relations with a minor in Creative Writing from Dickinson College in 1991. He lived in Bologna, Italy for a year studying international relations and has traveled extensively in Europe. He received a MFA in Creative Writing from Arizona State University in 1996 and a Masters in Counseling and Psychology from Prescott College in 1999. 
Matt is the Co-Founder and Head of School of the Metropolitan Arts Institute. He is a writer whose novel, The Art of Confession, was published by Clarion Call Press in 2002. He is married to jewelry artist and Metro-Arts Finance Director, Betsy Rosenmiller, with whom he has two sons.  
Matt enjoys reading/writing fantasy and playing roleplaying games with his sons. He is interested in psychological and spiritual development, myth, and archetypal psychology. He likes being in nature, hiking, meditation, and archery.  
Why Metro Arts?
I thought school could be done better. I went to a very good elementary school for boys called Fenn School. From there I went to a traditional public high school where I sometimes felt it was not quite the right fit for me despite having some excellent teachers. Fenn showed me how a school could be, complete with a real sense of community and a deep and nourishing culture. Traditional high school had little sense of culture; it was too generic and mainstream for me. Fenn had a really good arts program and my public high school at the time did not. It was the combination of knowing how it can be at Fenn and then losing it in high school that later became the emotional source for starting Metro. 
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