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Betsy Rosenmiller
Finance Director

BA in Policy & Management Studies
MFA in Ceramics

Start Year at Metro: 2009

Personal Information:
Betsy graduated from Dickinson College with a BA in Policy & Management Studies in 1989. After discovering a passion for the arts, she went on to receive an MFA in Ceramics from Arizona State University in 1997. 

For 10 years, Betsy exhibited her ceramics in galleries both nationally and internationally. In 2008, she switched her arts focus to the medium of jewelry. During her time in graduate school, Betsy worked at Gallery Materia, a fine craft gallery in Scottsdale, eventually becoming Gallery Director. In 2004 she moved to the Bentley Gallery, where she worked for several years before coming to Metro in 2009 to run the business office. 

Betsy enjoys making jewelry and spending time with her two sons. She loves to bake (and bring treats to school to share) and even created her own cookbook. Betsy is married to Matt Baker, Co-Founder of Metro Arts and Head of School. 

Why Metro Arts?
I enjoy being around the students. They're so full of life and talent, and it's incredible to see the things they do and create. I also really like the people who work here; we have a great staff and really talented and dedicated teachers. 
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