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2015 Summer

Metro Arts Staff - Summer 2015


Joy Parnakian- Humanities & US Government Teacher

Joy was selected as one of only three teachers nationally to receive the C-Span Education Fellowship to spend four weeks in Washington DC this summer. She will be collaborating with C-SPAN’s Education department to develop new teaching materials using C-SPAN resources in order to better serve our Classroom members nationwide. This program takes place at C-SPAN’s offices in Washington, DC. Each Fellow receives an award valued at $7,000 which includes housing and travel expenses. Fellows will also participate in C-SPAN’s Summer Educators’ Conference where they will share their ideas with education colleagues about creating innovative learning experiences using C-SPAN’s programs and websites.

Koryn Woodward Wasson- Visual Arts

Fireweather is a collaborative installation by husband and wife team, Roy Wasson Valle and Koryn Woodward Wasson along with their good friend Jaime Chandler. The artists will be creating their inter-dimensional portal to join our world with the Land of Crystal Burn. Fireweather is an exploration of both wonder and temporal permanence, constructing a visible reminder that everything that has ever been or will ever be is present, it just happens to be at a different time. This exhibition is a continuation of Camp Dreamtree, commissioned by Scottsdale Public Art for the Scottsdale Civic Center Public Library, summer of 2014.


The Joseph Gross Gallery at The University of Arizona School of Art


J.W. Gaberdiel - Math & Chemistry

JW will be spending the entire summer traveling with his wife throughout Asia, including India, Vietnam. 

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