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Jeff Fortney has been teaching special education since 2004. It is a passion that led to a major career change in his 40s when he quit mainframe systems programming to return to college. He received his Bachelors in Special Education from ASU, and then returned there for his Masters in Literacy.  Jeff is also a tireless advocate for education in Arizona. He has promoted candidates and causes that desire a more well-funded and respected education system here. This culminated in Jeff running for, and being elected to, the Cave Creek Unified School District governing board in 2020. 
Why Metro Arts?
I was drawn to this school because of its desire to address the whole student and to provide that elusive key each student needs and wants so they can be successful. I felt that vibe the very first time I stepped onto this campus. I saw it in the students' faces. I heard it in the words the staff said about how amazing this school is. I feel that the key to everything in education (especially in special education) is The Relationship. With that in place, anything is possible. Respecting the student. Listening. Understanding. With empathy and without judgment. I love the daily challenge of this position. I have never had a boring day in this career. I look forward to working with the incredible students at Metro Arts.
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