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Wish List

Heavy Duty Electric Pencil Sharpeners
Reams of copy paper
Dry erase markers
New marley type dance floor (We are beginning a fundraising campaign to purchase and install a new floor surface. Total cost will be about $13,000) ANY amount donation is appreciated!
Acoustic and/or Electric guitars
Drum Set
Padded piano bench
Film Dept
Class 10 SD Cards (16GB or greater)
Flash Drives
Photo Department
Pentax K1000 or other 35MM SLR cameras
Ilford multigrade contrast filters
USB flash drives

Polaroid Daylab

Visual Arts
Heavy duty scissors!!!
Boxes of disposable plastic gloves
Paint brushes (all sizes)
Glue Sticks
Masking Tape
Blue painters tape!!!
Ink pads for stamping
duct tape
hot glue guns
hot glue sticks
white acrylic paint
x-acto knives and replacement blades
Cricut machine
stonehenge fine art paper


Other items: Rubber cement, spray paint, gold leaf sheets (not real gold, very thin sheets) misc craft supplies. Stickers, old ephemera or books, copy paper, tissue paper. Old letters (pre 1970), old stamps, and Dover copy write free books, ie- animals, designs etc. can find at Dover online, balsa wood or wood veneers, rubber stamps.
Math Department
Heavy Duty pencil sharpener
Black dry erase markers
White board cleaners
Spiral bound college lined notebooks
Batteries (AAA), for calculators
TI84 plus ce graphing calculator or TI84 plus graphing calculator
Eraser pencil toppers
Sheets of College Ruled filler paper
Sheets of graph paper
Middle School
Age appropriate novels for MS library
Composition books
Art Supplies (colored pencils, pens, scissors)
Sewing machines (working)
Fabric (cotton, blends, fleece) 
White cotton fabric for dyeing
Fabric scissors or rotary cutters
Sewing notions
Beads and jewelry supplies
Sticker maker
teacher salaries