Helen Morris

Helen was born and raised in rural Idaho until relocating to Phoenix in August of 2011. Attending Arizona State University and Glendale Community College concurrently for Music Education and Biological Sciences, Helen is a strong advocate for utilizing the arts as an alternative channel to teach core subjects to students finding these topics harder to grasp with traditional academic methods. She was a finalist in the 2020 Maricopa Community Colleges Innovation Scholarship Challenge for her pitch in creating a traveling resource for local schools in the valley; utilizing music to teach mathematics, theatre to teach English and reading comprehension, and dance to teach human anatomy and physiology. 


Additionally, Helen is a pianist, guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, composer, and private vocal, piano, and music theory instructor. She holds the title of Resident Music Director at Brelby Theatre Company in Glendale, and is an Experience Gallery Guide at the Musical Instrument Museum. She also works with The Phoenix Symphony, where she additionally is involved with tracking results of various community engagements and studies, including educational programs, Alzheimer’s studies, and hospice / hospital programs.  


Outside of the classroom, you can find Helen performing around the valley, writing original music, exploring Arizona, or spending time with her Australian Shepherd / Corgi, Rowdy. She is ecstatic to be part of the family that is Metro, and couldn’t ask for a better community of educators, or more inspiring, talented, young artists in her students. She is privileged to be immersed in such a creative, accepting, and supportive environment, and is honored beyond belief to play even a small part in shaping the voices of tomorrow. 

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