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Steven Redonado

Steven Redondo has been a resident of Phoenix for 15 years. After graduating from Tempe High School in 2011, he attended Arizona State University to study his Bachelor of Arts Education in Dance. Within a couple of years, he found that his passion had changed, eventually finding himself in tune with the local art scene. In that time, choreography and performance became importance elements in his artistry. Heading toward Central Phoenix, Steven has created many dance works and performed with several organizations including the Phoenix Art Museum, NueBox, and Phoenix Center of the Arts. Through Phoenix Center of the Arts, he was able to teach dance classes, and lead the department for a short period of time. Once that teaching experience came to an end, the Phoenix Art Museum opened many opportunities for Steven to create work and perform in the galleries. To this day, you may find him dancing away in front of your favorite art work.


Not only does Steven enjoy dancing professionally, he also enjoys music, movies and everything that is Disney. Most of his vacations include trips to California (for Disneyland), visiting his family in Northern and Southern New Mexico, and up north to Flagstaff to enjoy the cooler weather. Biking is also another hobby of his, and you may see him on your way to or leaving school.


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